We are subcontractor for many big market research companies over the World such as : TNS-GLOBAL, AC NIELSEN , PULSE GROUP, NOMURA RESEARCH INSTITUTE, GMI HONGKONG, FEEDBACK CONSULTING INDIA, CALEB GLOBAL KOREA…

- Feedback Consulting (INDIA)


Feedback commenced operations in June 1985 as a consumer market research firm with a single office in Delhi. In March 1988, a Bangalore branch was opened followed by branches in Bombay (now Mumbai) and Madras (now Chennai). In early 1992, with the advent of liberalization in the Indian economy, Feedback decided to focus solely on business to business (industrial) market research. Since this was a niche market, Feedback decided to undertake B2B studies across industry sectors. Consequently, Feedback executives with backgrounds in science and engineering developed the requisite mind and skill set to deal with a variety of client requirements in diverse products and services. Over the years, Feedback has developed expertise and a body of knowledge in research based consulting. Today, Feedback offers a range of services out of its 4 offices in India. Whether it is engagements involving primary contact with respondents (Market assessment, Stakeholder Customer, Field assignments) or back office operations (Data / Information collation, Analysis, Reports), Feedback has built a strong track record since 1985.

- CALEB Global (Korea)


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